Solid Foundation

It’s my First Blog and I’m so excited!!! I’ve been led to take a look at foundation; my foundation, where I am, where I’m standing, and what I see or consider as my foundation. This morning in prayer I heard: “There is no other foundation, than that of Jesus Christ.” “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 3:11 (KJV)

In my efforts to start a new stream of ministry, I heard the Spirit of the Lord saying: “You can’t do business as usual!” It has to be purposeful, just and proper. Whenever we start our “building plans”, we begin brainstorming and planning for the build in our heart and mind. Our plans become so personal that we actually begin strategizing the strategy. Whether it’s building a new home, starting a new relationship, having a child, getting married, starting a business, or even starting a Blog; the whole idea of “newness” excites us. But the question is…What are we building on? What does the foundation of our Building look like?

Naturally, we build on things we understand. We build on things we’re attracted or drawn to; things we’re comfortable with, things that are familiar to us. We often build off the level of convenience a thing is to us. And most times, we don’t even acknowledge if it’s good for us. We even build off our fears! When we have apprehensions, and experience things we’re afraid of, we build off of what we’ve created in our mind. Once we build walls of inferiority, it produces weakness, and creates barriers that block us from having a greater understanding of purpose.

As we start anew, we have to think about the purpose of our build(ing) and what it will contain. Does the building have the capacity to hold what I desire to use it for? Do I have the proper parts to build? As we question our motives and details, we may feel excited, challenged, happy, fearful, overwhelmed, inspired and even prideful, just at the opportunity to build. But, I believe our emotions from these experiences were all a part of God’s plan. He’s speaking to the hearts of believers now… Build Right! I believe he would have us to build solidly, on the foundation of Him. God is the one who holds our life; He is the one who holds our place and space in time, and He is the one that speaks life to us and on our behalf. [Daniel 5:23 & Job 12:10]

I’m reminded of the story of Gideon in [Judges 6]. God raised Gideon up to be the Fifth Judge in the Fourth Period of the Judges, whenever they had a leader before them; they were momentarily committed to them and the expectations given. Time and time again, the Israelites found themselves back in bondage; back in oppression, and in the hands of the Midianites (foreigners of the land). One day, an angel of the Lord came to visit Gideon, acknowledged him as a great, mighty man of valor and said that he will rescue the people of Israel. Initially, Gideon had apprehensions, because he was not familiar with the foundation; he did not have a personal relationship with God.

The purpose for Gideon’s rule was for him to lead the people of God to freedom and true worship. God didn’t just want Gideon to rescue Israel, but he wanted him to tear down the false ideas and methods for living. Among the land, counterfeit ideas and gods were raised up in honor; instead of the true and living God. The raising of this Judge was special because God sent an angel with the message of deliverance to a leader and proclaimed him as Judge. It was there under the great tree at Ophrah that the God of Peace (Jehovah Shalom) met with Gideon, and entered into a personal relationship.

In the rule of Gideon, God wanted to deal with the heart and intent of worship. He ordered Gideon to tear down his father’s altar to Baal, and rebuild an altar to him. As recorded in [Numbers 33:51-56]; the Israelites’ punishment, was that they would take on the desires and customs of the foreigners. Interestingly enough, the Israelites didn’t comprehend that God had already established provision for them long ago; only if they would obey.

So we’re always going back to our foundation to gain understanding, a sort of “Back to the Basics” to obtain the original teaching. Once we take on the mind of Christ, and learn how to identify our life with him, we will come to appreciate him as the foundation of our way for living! From the book of Judges, we see that a consistent life of faithfulness is yielded from a life built on a solid foundation. Often times, we wander because we think there’s a better way, a faster way, or a more convenient way for us to move and advance in life. But, a foundation cannot hold you up, if you keep trying to wander off.

Lord, I thank you for magnifying the importance of building on a solid foundation. Thank you for allowing me to walk in you during this process. Thank you for leading me, guiding me, and talking to me through the steps in the understanding of your Purpose for establishment. God I don’t take lightly, the opportunity to walk, talk and build with you. I treasure every moment and I hold it close to my heart. Father I thank you for growth and expectation. I Bless You – God of Creation, for introducing me to a greater portion of you in the order of movement. For whatever you cause to rise up, must be built on a solid foundation! I’m so grateful you chose me to help build your Kingdom. Thank you for your Love and abounding Grace. But most of all today, thank you for knowing the plan! I honor you and bless your holy name, Amen.

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