Running without the Spirit

This morning it hit me that I had left the Spirit’s leading

That I had been running, moving, chasing…….trying to get to a “pictured” prize that had not necessarily been ordered by the Lord.

I say it had not been ordered by the Lord because my heart had not been seated…grounded in a place of position versus circumstance…

My heart has not been nurtured to a place of movement ….”in this”!

I was running without my heart fixed in foundation (Jesus – 1 Corin 3:11)

I was running without the picture of heaven

I was running in my own “natural” strength

I was running without being properly seated…(in the heavenly place – Ephesians 2)

Somehow it became more about t-shirts, than blogging…

Somehow it because more about money than purpose….

Somehow it became more about networking, fashion, and getting ahead, than being positioned in truth and leading, and the expectant hope that comes from that place.

What happened???

I began moving too fast…

I began eating from the world’s cup of elevation, instead of eating the fullness of the plate right in front of me.

Father forgive me!

Please, forgive me….

Forgive me for taking matters into my own hands…

Forgive me for thinking that my life was my own…

Forgive me for looking to fulfill the weakest part of me……….. My flesh!!!

I see that my flesh naturally desires movement, without the view of foundation & the process of purging.

Lord I thank you for reminding me to take a seat in the heavenly place and receive the fulfillment of the Spirit!

Forgive me for taking in & ingesting the urgency of what I see, over the urgency of what You say…

Over the urgency of what I hear from You!

For the heavenly view is set (established from the beginning); where the earthly view is skewed and ever changing…

I hear your words….This is why I must fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith! (Hebrews 12:2)

Father help me to properly discern the winds…..

The winds of Truth and Peace – over the winds of Death & Decay.

How did I get off track?

How did the popularity, pompous and other “stuff” become sooo important?

You say because “You live in the world”…..

And the world does not recognize me (John 1:10)

“I’ve called you to Live in the world, but Exist in Me!”

What you don’t understand, is that you don’t have to move from this place (existence) to SEE me…

You don’t have to move from your place of position to experience blessing!

When you take your eyes off me, you see the world as it is…

But I say Stand in the Blessing!!!

Stay seated in Opportunity!

Stay seated in the place/space I’ve already ordained for you!

It doesn’t take anything that you’re looking at naturally… this is a spiritual sustainment!

Keep your eyes fixed on me!

Keep your heart positioned at the throne and stand – watch the blessing of the Lord!

Take your position, in the blessing!

There is no other position for you to take… matter what it “looks like”…

There is no other “way” for you to stand, but in the blessing…. That’s It!!!

No other ground has been ordained to be a blessing to you, but the seat of blessing!

I called you to this place…

Sit down in it…

Sit there, stay there, and see the salvation of the Lord!

Father I see that my zeal has to be according to knowledge!

I hear you: “Submit yourself to the righteous way in Christ Jesus… For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness, to everyone that believeth!” (Romans 10:4)

As I share my dialogue with the Lord, my heart is overjoyed…. And my soul shall make her boast – only in the Lord, for He Is a Good – Good Father!

Father I just Bless You, because you’re always desiring to save me from my own way of thinking and doing a thing! Father give me Your Way, Give me your Will, And I will Bless your Holy Name! Thank you for calling me to stand in the Seat of BLESSING! Thank you for calling me from running on my own, to running with purpose. Thank for the covering & leadership of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for reminding me that I am never without a way of escape, in Christ Jesus…Hallelujah!!! Father help me to sit in my understanding of you and who you are. Your Will & Your Way is my heart’s desire, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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