Morning Thoughts

Everyday I’m reminded of how human I am 😳😩🤭🧐🤨😒😕

By the way I act, the things I say, the things I feel.

Pains in my body, in my mind, in my heart…

The toggling of known and unknown thoughts…

Frustrations, irritations and wonders…

The reality of my atmosphere and my inability to consistently shift it – because of where I stand…..

Lord help Me!!!

Well, today I woke up thinking about the Fullness of Christ

The fullness of the Godhead

The fullness of me in relationship with Him

The Joy set before me – in Him

The Power available for living this life in Him

The eternal Love available in Him, for Him, from Him… available for myself and others.

And I want it!!!

I was reminded that everything I “need”, is in the Father!

And that Everything He has – is available to me… In Him

My choice in understanding

My choice in declaration

My choice in putting on & walking in Power…

Walking in Richness

Walking in Love

Giving Love

And it’s really me placing my heart in a position to Receive!

I don’t want to always have to climb out of a rut

And have my misunderstandings, doubts and fears run my thought processes

I don’t want the world’s way of doing business

I don’t want the picture of Power – I want Divine Power!

And I want to Know the Divine structure of my DNA, and how to pull the Strength & Power for living from the Spirit within me.

This is a reality right…?

This is available to me right…?

I can do this right….?

Thank ya Lord, I hear you: This can’t be snatched!

The reality of this place (in me) can’t be snatched…:

It can’t be taken away from you….

It’s already yours!

It’s already your Promise

Your Ordainment

Your rightful Position and Hopeful Perspective

Engage in the reality of Me

The reality of you in Me

Don’t speak without Me

Look for me in your heart and I’ll penetrate myself in your words

Listen for Me

I fulfill myself, in the lack of your understanding

In the weakness of my vessel

When you set your mind in righteousness, that’s what you will produce!

Look for Me

Listen for Me

Love Me

And let your Love for this place bring you back

Let Love cover the multitude (the multitude of things in & around you), so that you can Choose rightly!

Meditate on the existence where Love lives

Meditate on the Relationship

Meditate on your every experience with Me

Let Love bring you into the progress of your today!

I’ve set it to cover

I’ve set it to win

I’ve set it to move hearts

I’ve set it to conceal (every evil or divisive plan against it)

It becomes your responsibility once you Know it

You Know it!

I’m telling you, you need to Know how to Choose it!

Make up your mind in Me, by focusing on Me!

Let everything else flow from this place!

Father, I thank you for the turnaround… in my mind, heart and perspective! Thank you for reminding me that because my Father is rich – I sit in richness (the prepared place) John 14:2.

Help me not to choose my way over yours, help me to stay in the righteousness of relationship, so that is what I produce.

Thank you for loving me the way that you do Lord!

Thank you for reminding me of an existence that supersedes all natural understanding – I thank you for putting your super on my natural!

Thank you for calling me to sit in the heavenly place and rule from the heavenly place. Don’t let my natural sight, conceal the light of my spiritual sight!

Thank you Lord for your greatness & your abundant Grace this morning! I stretch my hands 🙌🏾 to thee, for No other help do I know…..if thou withdraw thyself from me – whither shall I go?

So lord let your light shine in & on every bark of darkness in my world; bringing me into a greater knowledge of your Grace! I thank you, thank you, thank you Lord – for being so good to me.

I want the greater of Relationship with and I receive it as my portion, in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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