Intentionality takes effort

The Lord just impressed upon my heart- “Intentionality takes effort”! And I see that it means just that.

Often times I don’t pay attention to the measure of my output. However, I am more aware that everything takes intentional effort, if I wanna see growth/production.

Things aren’t just gonna happen without my input and care. I have to give of myself to assist in fulfilling the space. If I’m disconnected, then my space is disconnected as well.

I have relationships that I’d like to see in a better place…
I have a home that I’d like to take better care of…
I have a sight of increase for myself and all the things that I’m attached to, and I see that I NEED to do a better job of “giving of myself” in these spaces and relationships.

Early last year, the Lord gave me great understanding in Peace and being “One” with Him. He said: “Don’t “not” have something, because you won’t do what it takes to be at peace with it!”

This Blessed me richly because I realized that I first have to be in Peace if I’m gonna give it! I realized that Peace is a by product of position…. Meaning, I give off Peace (exude share and give Peace) when I sit in the heavenly place. (Ephesians 2:6)

So I’m encouraged to engage Truth at all points, understanding that nothing is subject to me, especially without me being responsible enough to engage the Truth in me, for the turnaround. It is You Lord that causes all things to work & go, not any work of my own.

I’m reminded of your instructions to me….

Agree that I’m with you! It is my desire for you to be in peace; therefore, if peace is not present, then it is your responsibility to give it!

I’ve given you keys!
My Father in heaven is the One who chose you; therefore, “BE”…in the Blessing!

Be in the establishment that I’ve called forth for you & over your life!
Be in right relationship……because you’re in relationship with me!
You’re in relationship with the Father, and this teaches you all manner of Relationship!

After this instruction, the Holy Spirit brought wisdom & encouragement:

Don’t be defeated, because you won’t engage in truth!
Don’t be in Defeat, cause you won’t yield to the Truth!
Don’t be defeated cause you won’t take your rightful authority & call your flesh into subjection,
Don’t be out of relationship with one another because you won’t deal with you & the pride of your flesh.

Nobody owes you anything! But the TRUTH settles EVERYTHING!
No one is indebted to you! But you are indebted to the Truth!
You are indebted to Jesus, and the truth of His Word, because the Father chose you – to reveal His son to!

Father, help me to BE in the intentionality of my relationship with you, so that righteousness just flows to every other space & relationship I’m attached to!

Forgive me for letting things go…
For letting things grow cold, distant and weary because I’ve not wanted to deal with my own pride, insecurities and frustrations to deal with them.

Let the Knowing of Your Word and our relationship resonate within me like never before. I Need You Lord, to keep me in line, aligned with you. I desire Your Will & Your Way. Take my waywardness & weariness and cause me to Live more strategically & purposeful.

Bless every space I encounter and relationship that I have that your Glory would be revealed. Give me the strength and Power to walk in the authority you’ve given me as I stretch out in You this year.

In You, Be Glory, Dominion and Power, in Jesus name I pray. Amen

4 thoughts on “Intentionality takes effort

  1. Hey Sis!!!!

    Your IG page popped up in my feed!!!! Yesssss!!! I love the blog!!!!! This line right here “Things aren’t just gonna happen without my input and care. I have to give of myself to assist in fulfilling the space” I’m writing this down in my journal!!!!!

    Keep allowing God to use you for Kingdom building!!!

    Much love,


    1. Hey there! Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. That’s how I started with a journal, girl God is Amazing!!!🙌🏾

      I pray all is well with you and the family. Happy New Year 😘


  2. I love this! I’ve been working towards being more intentional and really putting effort into the things I want God to bless. I know Faith without works is dead so I’m putting the work in!

    Liked by 1 person

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