About Me


Grace and Peace!

Welcome to VERTICAL LANGUAGE – my personal Blog!

My name is Tiana Peterson, and I live in my spiritual identity: Blessed, Chosen of God, Child of the Most High God – Jehovah, Daughter to the King, Glory Carrier, Valiant-Dreamer, Glory Blogger, Minister, Intercessor, Visionary, Wife, Mother, Lover of LOVE and all things Beautiful.

When I first began writing, I found that it brought me focus. As a result, it’s been a continuous receiving of clarity and direction to my thought process & world. From this treasure, I’ve learned to appreciate what God gives me and allows me to see, hear, and now share in this space. By His Grace, I’ve been given the opportunity to share Truth and I’m sooo grateful for it ❤️.

My vision for this Blog is to share complete & total VERTICAL LANGUAGE. The exchange of conversation in this space is positioned for the Glory of His name, that the excellency of His Power may be made manifest in the lives of all who believe. Here you will mainly find my reconciled thoughts. I don’t write for permission (lol), but to share the strength in believing – for life living.

I truly enjoy the freedom that blogging brings and I pray this experience serves as an encouragement to you along the way. I extend blessings to you, as you enter this journey of RELATIONSHIP with me – enjoy the ride 🙂!

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