Mandate To Pour

img_4557-2Mandate to Pour

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged…

And I miss it!

I miss the energy surge, the excitement, the power, the worship and praise that comes from meeting with Lord before pouring out.

I’ve missed this feeling…….

The intimacy and presence of the Lord!

This excitement…..

This wonder….if you’ll feel me and if you’ll hear the voice of the Lord speaking in my writing!

It’s scary & vulnerable, yet invaluable……And I feel renewed!

I feel renewed strength, renewed faith and fresh perspective.

I thank God for blowing a fresh wind, and breathing His Spirit into these ole’ dry bones.

Today, I can freshly confess that these bones can indeed Live, in Jesus name!

I declare that these bones of mine will live, no matter how dry, thirsty, or confounded I become – I can always be replenished!

It is the breath of the Lord that keeps me alive!

The Lord showed me the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37, as it was a picture of my natural state…

My inactivity, stagnancy, and my dryness…..

I’ve been dry…Very Dry!

Void of the Spirit, void of activity, movement and zeal.

The valley is also a picture of my ability!

My ability to SEE dry bones….

• Bones that need replenishing

• Bones that need the Love of God

• Bones that need to be reminded of their proper image

My ability to answer the question (by faith)….Can these dry bones live?

And my ability to prophesy to my dryness, confoundedness, and my own thirst!

So I began prophesying to my own thirst – in the name of Jesus!

During this time, the Lord challenged me and said: Wrap Yourself in Faith!

Literally taking on the heart, of wrapping myself in what I Believe!

For 30 days, I subjected myself to this task alone.

And I did this with the understanding that:

I can do NOTHING outside of Faith!

So even this Blog, this method of sharing He’s given me…..

He’s ordained this as a place of pouring for me, and I cannot blog outside of faith.

I can do nothing outside of faith!

I can’t parent and be a mother outside of faith

I can’t wife and partner well outside of faith

I can’t teach and lead outside of faith

Everything that He’s given me to do…

Everything He’s called me to do, has to be done with the measure of faith given unto me!

And that’s when I realized, that I’ve been mandated to pour!

For every Believer, there is a mandate of Faith on your Life! 

(How well are you producing?)

God had to show me, that my activated faith is what causes the Spirit to breathe for me!

He’s assigned my faith to act – in this work…

On this platform….

In this space of sharing……so just do it!!!!

Share your Faith!

Share your experiences with me and encourage the people!


This mandate is what gives me the authority to move in this space!

My Faith has been assigned to Believe Him Greater!

And to Believe His Word, without fault or doubt!

Faith is the vehicle for my movement!

I am mandated to pour out of this Faith!!!

That no weapon formed against me shall prosper…

That the Lord will withhold no good thing from me…

That I can do All Things, through Christ who strengthens me…

That Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world…

That Grace and Peace shall be multiplied unto me, as His divine power hath given me all things that pertain to life and godliness…


Faith is my way of traveling, not just in this space – but every space/place I enter into!

The barriers that hindered and blocked me from “SEEING” for a time; that kept me wandering in the wilderness, longer than necessary….. were due to my lack of Faith!!!

The Lord said:

You can’t MOVE without Faith!

You cannot MOVE barriers, thought processes, dimensions, zones and time without Faith!!!

Your Faith needs your authority to MOVE on your behalf; for it moves off of your sound and declaration!

The Plan is in your Faith!!!

So I encourage you today, to LIVE in your Faith!!!!

For the plan for your Life…..You reaching destiny’s door – is in your Faith!!


Father I thank you for the Plan

I thank you for knowing, constructing and creating the Plan

I thank you for inviting me in on the plan through faith

And I thank you for allowing me to share my faith with others.

Lord grant us more grace and mercy to stand in our faith!

To uphold the entire content of your message, by faith!

I call out to wisdom in this hour, asking for her direction and skill…

Wisdom lead and guide us into all truth

Help us to discern the times

Help us to discern ourselves, our lack of movement and activity in the body

Strengthen us for the task of service and love – in the name of Jesus!

God I thank you for the opportunity to share

I thank you for the opportunity to praise and I thank you for the opportunity to pray!

I thank you that your revelation is power to my bones!

Thank you for this release – hallelujah!!!

And I pray for the movement of your covenant to be found strong in the heart of every believer now – in the name of Jesus!

I thank you for allowing my faith to bring me to this place father

And I ask that you continue to teach us how to endure process O’ God, that we would continue to arrive at portals of release.

God you’re great and greatly to be praised. I bless you, in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, Amen


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